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BNBuilders Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual Design & Construction

We'll admit it...we're a bit nerdy about new technology.

For BNBuilders, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) are a critical tool at all phases of a project. Our in-house capabilities provide benefits during design, construction, and building operation. Our VDC toolbox includes Building Information Modeling (BIM), augmented and virtual reality, survey and laser scanning tools, and estimating support software, all conducted in-house. 

These tools enable us to work with design teams to coordinate building systems, provide constructability reviews and design assistance, and visualize the final built project. Our use of technology helps us resolve conflicts before they impact the project, reduce uncertainty, find solutions to challenges, and simulate potential impacts prior to starting construction.


System Coordination & Design Support 

We use BIM to coordinate complex building systems and support design on most of our projects. From conducting clash detection of MEP systems, to executing comprehensive constructability reviews, we can build the project virtually and solve potential problems before a shovel is in the ground. 


Estimating Support 

Our preconstruction and estimating department uses model-based estimating to provide a highly responsive and accurate budget development process to our clients. These tools allow us to quickly and precisely track quantities, incorporate design changes, and generate cost information in a continuous manner so clients can make decisions with confidence. 


Survey & Layout 

Our in-house capabilities include a wide range of survey and layout tools. This service includes laser scanning, drone site mapping and LiDAR, and robotic layout. These tools increase efficiency and quality by giving our teams a range of accurate and actionable data on site conditions, in-place form work, and completion verification. 


Quality Control 

Providing superior quality and constructing final projects that perform well are key elements to BNBuilders’ success. On many of our projects, BNBuilders uses innovative tools and software to increase the efficiency of quality control, completion lists and punch lists in ongoing coordination with key subcontractors. Using this ongoing process, we are able to ensure quality throughout the project and avoid extensive punch lists at close-out. 


Asset Management 

Our VDC services also support the transition to occupancy and ongoing building management. Tools include coordinated 3D models and 360° photographic records with tagged equipment, maintenance schedule, and accurate as-built models.

Featured Project

UW Denny Hall

Built in 1895, Denny Hall has seen various renovations over the years. In the absence of current as-built drawings, BNBuilders utilized laser and modeling tools to create precise existing conditions data. This virtual coordination allowed for the project to be executed with remarkable efficiency, leading to completion ahead of schedule.