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BNBuilders Health & Safety

Health & Safety

A job is only successful if
everybody  gets home safe.

We believe with proper planning and education, all accidents can be prevented. It starts with empowering our people to be responsible for safety every single day. On our projects, safety training begins on day one and continues for the duration. We don't do generic safety plans; each plan is developed with input from the team specifically for the job. Every person who sets foot on one of our job sites, be they BNB staff or subcontractors, is required to attend safety orientations.

BNBuilders incorporates external and in-house innovations into many aspects of our projects and daily operations. The use of these technologies help to reduce and eliminate errors, streamline communications, and alleviate unnecessary physical burdens on our craft workers. They include:


*Safety dashboard

*Drone technology

*Laser scanning

*Robotic layout

*Tablets & QR codes

At BNBuilders, we value our field personnel and strive to create a culture of continuous improvement. Our training, development, feedback, and leadership approach helps us achieve that goal and ensures that we deliver high-quality and safe projects. Learning opportunities include:

*Toolbox talks

*Safety summits

*Town halls

*Jobsite safety stand downs

*Fall protection

*Safety breakfasts

*OSHA 30-hour construction safety training

Reporting and auditing play a crucial role in our safety program. They not only enhance the overall safety culture, but they also streamline safety protocols, ensure compliance, and help to improve safety practices. Some of the tools we employ are:

*Safety dashboard

*Near-miss recording

*Weekly coordination meetings

*Regular safety audits

*See something, say something campaign

At BNBuilders, we recognize that every employee has thoughts, cares, and worries outside of work, and these elements play into their ability to concentrate and execute tasks safely. Therefore, caring about worker safety means caring for our workers beyond the jobsite. Steps to Total Worker Health include:

*Suicide prevention training

*Mental Health CPR training for leadership

*Holistic safety protocols

*Healthy lifestyle education and tools

*Cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging

*Industrial hygiene practices


EMR Rating for Washington


EMR Rating for California

A strong safety culture relies on everyone understanding their role when it comes to safety. Understanding how they contribute to safety empowers our crews to make the right choices.

An Award-Winning Program

Throughout our company, a focus on jobsite safety and total worker health is at the top of our priorities. We seek input and buy-in from every person on our projects, from our craftworkers to company leadership, and are continuously looking to improve. As a result, our program has been repeatedly recognized by the Associated General Contractors and other accredited organizations with local, regional and national awards.