The success of an organized preconstruction effort is one of our guiding estimating principles in creating our highly detailed estimates. Experience has taught us that we must be diligent as a team to ensure the estimated cost of the design fits within the budget at design milestones. We begin by incorporating sustainable practices into every project.

Throughout the project lifecycle, our internally created cost management tools help our preconstruction teams drive down cost, and manage our clients projects cost goals. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness and accuracy of our estimates, obtained from both our cost database, and our Historical Cost Index, the BNBi. This tracks over 22 labor rates, 40 material commodity costs, and subcontractors OH&P on a given year, all based on actual project hours and material quantities. The result is a highly accurate escalation tool that we use on every project.

We push the envelope in every preconstruction effort; from 3D take offs, to 5D model linked estimates, through to 6D facilities integration. Finally, we utilize a 4C design review process, focusing our team’s expertise when reviewing your project.

Based on a recent survey, over 200 subcontractors anonymously ranked BNBuilders #1 out of 52 contractors who plan work well and always receive the best bid number.