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Virtual Design & Construction

We'll admit it...we're kind of geeks about new technology. But we don't just use it for fun. We use it to make the job run smoother, quicker, and more efficiently.

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) is a cornerstone of how we execute work. Our VDC toolbox includes Building Information Modeling (BIM), virtual reality, and laser scanning, all conducted in-house by our staff of VDC experts. In using these tools, we are able to work with design teams to coordinate building systems, provide constructability reviews and design assistance, and visualize the final built project. From model-based estimating to tablet-based field quality control, our commitment to using the latest tools applies to every phase of a project. Our use of technology helps us resolve conflicts before they impact the project, reduce uncertainty, find solutions to challenges, and simulate potential impacts prior to starting construction.


Illumina B6

This complete building lab and office tenant improvement relied heavily on VDC to meet the fast-track schedule. VDC was used for system coordination, design visualization, field verification, and quality control. Click to see the finished space.