BNBuilders is now a 100% Employee-Owned Company

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BNBuilders has a proven track record of designing and constructing healthy, high-performing spaces. From LEED to Net Zero aspirations, we strive to exceed our client's goals and make sure everything we do on your behalf results in a better building.

Our approach to assisting clients in developing and executing on high level sustainability targets starts with early and continuous engagement. We draw on past-experience pricing and constructing green features to identify strategies that boost sustainable outcomes and provide solid return on investment.

From evaluating the first cost and life cycle costs, to evaluating enhanced MEP systems or identifying and selecting low carbon materials, BNB is committed to guiding our clients through every step of the decision-making process.

We get excited about pushing the envelope and seeking innovative project delivery methods such as net-zero, mass timber, prefabrication, and modularization.

Our staff has expertise in topics like embodied carbon, material health, material salvage/reuse, and we have dedicated mass timber and BIM specialists available to support project design.

BNB believes in doing our part to evolve the industry towards a more sustainable and stable future. We look forward to working with you to trial new solutions and technologies that drive positive outcomes for your projects and the communities they are built in.

BNBuilders Signs The Climate Pledge

BNB is proud to be the first general contractor signatory to The Climate Pledge. We, along with 100+ signatories have accepted the challenge to reach net-zero carbon by 2040.
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2040 Sustainability Commitment

We pride ourselves on being a responsible business and are committed to reducing the footprint of our own corporate and construction operations. We are continually in search of more efficient equipment and workflows to generate less waste and less carbon emissions. Learn about our ambitious Clean Construction Commitment to get to zero waste and net zero carbon by 2040. Click for more info