High-tech projects are our specialty. Our people have the skill set, knowledge base and understanding of technical requirements necessary for constructing complex and highly-technical spaces. We specialize in providing preconstruction and construction services for aerospace, communications, digital infrastructure and pharmaceutical projects.

Confidential Data Centers

Quincy, Washington

Firm: BNBuilders, Inc.

BNBuilders is acting as a BIM consultant on a 130,000sf data center in Quincy Washington. The final BIM will be used for 6D facilities management. BNBuilders will link all of the information gathered and organized during design, construction, and commissioning back to the model so that the client can easily access it for facilities management. BNB will also help to tie the final BIM to the facility’s Building Management System (BMS) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) so that it can be used to gauge the facility’s performance and effectively maintain it.