Safety Program:
Freedom from Danger

The health and safety of BNBuilders employees, subcontractors, and the general public is the most important part of any work we do.

BNBuilders is committed to the elimination of worker injury throughout our company’s operations. This company-wide commitment to Freedom from Danger is the only logical and humane approach to a safe workplace. We believe with proper planning all accidents can be prevented and we empower our employees to be responsible for safety every day. As part of BNBuilders’ Freedom from Danger safety program, we have site specific safety plans that address local requirements as well as the safety responsibilities of the Superintendent, Foremen, Employees, and Subcontractors.

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BNBuilders’ commitment to health and safety is reflected in the organizations’ Safety Program. Elements of our safety program include:

  • A requirement for project specific planning and procedure, often with owner/client safety policy integration.
  • A requirement for adherence to established health and safety standards and regulations
  • Safety related training that begins with orientation and continues throughout the project duration.
  • Supervisory training that includes OSHA 10 and 30-hour coursework and certification
  • An investigative and review process for all injury and non-injury accidents as well as ‘near miss’ incidents.
  • A requirement for employee warm-up with ‘Stretch and Extend’ sessions twice each workday.
  • Active daily and weekly hazard audit process to identify and correct unsafe conditions and acts.
  • Weekly project safety meetings for all project employees.
  • A requirement for special activity permitting such as ‘Hot work and Lock-out/Tag-out’.
  • Promotion of active participation in job site safety by employees at all levels.
  • Monthly corporate Safety Breakfasts for management and field supervisory employees.