Virtual Design and Construction

A critical component to BNBuilders innovative delivery model in an integrated and collaborative approach is information sharing, best illustrated with VDC. BNBuilders has extensive experience with VDC: in the last five years we have applied it to over $600 million and 2.5 million square feet of construction. We apply VDC on our projects directly, and do not hire consultants or third parties to model for our teams. Our Project Engineers, Project Managers, and Superintendents are fluent with VDC technology and it is an integral part of our workflow.

We will maximize the model’s benefits by exploring the use of it for: constructability review, 4D scheduling, 5D estimating, 6D operations chronological system interface, systems coordination, maximizing the opportunity to prefabricate building components, layout of inserts and embeds, creating electronic as-builts, manpower coordination, and site logistics planning.

Our initial step in maximizing the use of the Building Information Model (BIM) is to outline an execution plan. We start with a list of potential project benefits, and work to align these benefits with the goals of the client, and the project team. After identifying the goals, the plan will outline protocols for what gets modeled, naming conventions, file sharing, editing, software to be used, and the deliverable timeline.

We only provide the services required for the job, allowing us to increase quality and deliver the best value solution.