Our Culture

We are passionate, collaborative people who love what we do. We are leaders, innovators, disruptors, explorers, designers, builders, risk-takers, and doers. Our people are talented and brilliant achievers with a passion for the pursuit of excellence. We high-five a lot. And we love to win.

Consistent through all of our work and people are very important core values…

Integrity / Innovation / Adaptability / Fun / Creativity / Passion / Vision / Collaboration / Entrepreneurial / Problem Solvers

Our culture is fueled by these words and the genuine enthusiasm for what we do.

As a progressive company, we have eliminated silos and barriers to growth; we even got rid of actual walls. Our offices reflect our open and collaborative mentality; there are no cubicles or private offices, but instead shared workspace and common areas to force interaction and foster conversation. Frequent communication is something we value at BNBuilders. We believe it leads to new ideas and a healthy transparency.

Contributing to exciting projects and working with respected clients is only one side of our dynamic business. BNBuilders encourages fun at work, frequent celebrations and team building, and most importantly the coveted work-life balance.

A lot of companies subscribe to the “work hard, play hard” motto, but we strive beyond that. Equally important to us is growing. We are forever learners and doers who are dedicated to developing and implementing socially responsible company initiatives.

Safety / Community / Innovation / Sustainability / Knowledge

For over a decade, the desire of our people to make a difference as a construction company, as individual people and as a community has been inspired by these initiatives. Our values and initiatives drive who we are and what we do every day. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters to us.